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Advancing Science. Delivering Patient Value.

Nexstone is unlocking the boundless potential of scientific innovation to bring forward novel medicines that improve the lives of people suffering from immune-mediated diseases. 

A proven and dedicated team, singularly focused on immunology and deeply committed to patients’ needs. We’re Nexstone Immunology.

Combining deep therapeutic expertise in immunology and inflammation with a rigorous dedication to excellence in advanced drug development, Nexstone Immunology is uniquely positioned to answer the call of patients and clinicians for new therapeutic interventions that address unmet treatment needs in immune-mediated diseases.

Meet Our Team

We have assembled an experienced group of R&D leaders and serial entrepreneurs with the vision and expertise to deliver new value to underserved patient populations.

Partner with Nexstone

Maximize the value of your clinical stage immunology asset by collaborating with Nexstone

Our Approach

Nexstone Immunology’s unique business model maximizes value creation of individual assets and delivers the operational agility and clinical execution critical to competitive success.

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As a Blackstone Life Sciences portfolio company, Nexstone Immunology is well-resourced to advance its lead drug candidate through short and long-term milestones, and to enable future pipeline growth.

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