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Maximize value creation with a Nexstone Immunology Partnership

Why Partner with Nexstone Immunology?

Forged through a partnership between Blackstone Life Sciences and a group of seasoned, successful pharma and biotech executives, Nexstone Immunology is positioned to address the unmet needs of patients with immune-mediated diseases. 

Our unique business model optimizes the value creation of innovative product candidates at the individual asset level and supports the operational agility and clinical execution that are critical to competitive success. 


A highly experienced, well-resourced team


Well-capitalized through a significant and ongoing investment from Blackstone Life Sciences, leveraging existing resources and experience sufficient to fund programs across multiple indications, from the clinic to the patient


Taking a Portfolio Pipeline Approach


Actively advancing our anchor asset, a Phase-2 ready monoclonal antibody, acquired from a leading large pharmaceutical company. By harnessing the foundational strength of our lead candidate, we are actively expanding our pipeline through acquisitions and in-licensing deals to address other unmet needs in immune-mediated diseases


Proven Leaders in Drug Development


A team of seasoned drug developers, who bring experience from large pharma and small biotech, with a successful track record launching companies and advancing programs through commercialization, including 6 successful company sales, 4 FDA-approved products, and multiple candidates in late-stage clinical development

We are open to a range of partnership structures, including asset acquisitions, licensing, and joint ventures, which may also include buyback rights.

Please contact us using the form below to pursue opportunities for strategic collaboration.

We are building a robust pipeline of promising therapeutics for immune-mediated diseases by acquiring scientifically validated clinical stage assets. 

If you share our commitment to delivering compelling science to patients and seek to maximize the potential of your clinical-stage assets, then we would like to collaborate with you on a mutually beneficial partnership that drives value creation.

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